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Thank you for stopping by! Looking for a safe place to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, on topics about healing, wellness and transformation? Well look no further, you've found that place here at Being Made Well. I look forward to connecting with, and guiding you into your journey to wholeness. Welcome home to your "one stop shop" to a "whole"new you!

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  Hello and Welcome to Being Made Well Mentoring Services. I'm Christian Life Coach Lola and I offer one on one Coaching and/or Christian Counseling for women who need encouragement, guidance, and healing from The Lord. A few years ago God orchestrated my life that prompted me to enter into a season of transformation and spiritual awakening. Upon me searching for my life's purpose, and desiring a deeper walk with Christ Jesus, He urged me to "pick up my bed and walk." For I had been in one place for too long. He also made me aware that He would need my permission and participation. Just as He asked the man who was sick at the pool of Bethesda in John 5:6, "Do you want to be made well?" so He did with me. This approach Jesus used provoked the man to not only rethink his situation, but also to relinquish what he formerly knew about his situation, and challenged him to try again. This leap of Faith caused him to transition and transform. Transition and transformation are forms of change. We know that change isn't easy, but the short term discomfort, pales in comparison to the long term success. So I obeyed God by relocating to another state,  left a job of 25yrs, embraced homelessness for a season, overcame depression, and I am a better person because of it. I grew up in an environment of narcissism that brought about dysfunction, so long story short, I HAD to be made over. Now with the healing, wisdom and tools that God has given me, I desire to help others on their journey to wholeness. I would be honored to be your life Coach/Christian Counselor, to allow God to be the Healer that I know He is. I offer hourly, weekly, and/or monthly sessions. God Bless you and know that God really does have a plan for your life, and it's Never too late to begin again.

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