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Ready, Set ,Grow!

As a seasoned follower of Jesus Christ, I've come to learn that God requires us to grow in Him. This type of growth is all about maturity. You could be many years in the faith, but still not have matured in the things of God. This growth or maturity is called spiritual stature. God wants us to have this spiritual stature which is our rightful identity through Jesus Christ, in order to do the things that He has called us to do, just like Jesus did. Jesus had to mature at a young age. This is why he was off in the synagogue studying the word of God in his childhood, because he knew early on that he had to be about the father's business.

Spiritual stature is an indication to God that you are ready to handle mature things of the Kingdom. Just as it is on earth, parents lay up an inheritance for their children but it comes with conditions and most are when they reach a certain age maybe it's 18 or 21, or when some become married and have a family. So does God lay up an inheritance for his children. Everything starts in the spirit realm so this is where he's looking for the maturity. The spiritual maturity that's going to be able to handle the father's business with care according to his written Word and always able to receive a Rhema Word as well.

So are you ready to handle the father's business so that He can equip you with Kingdom keys to handle the authority to exercise on Earth, that has been released in heaven?

If so then you're ready to go! Once God knows you're ready he will send you out just as he did with Jesus, and just as Jesus did with His disciples. So be strong and of a good courage just as he told Joshua. Be not afraid or be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.(Joshua 1:9)

Be strong in Stature with the assurance of Faith. The more you Know ,the more you grow, and that's when The Father will let you go.

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